Monday, March 03, 2008

Stonedog Brewery/Waquoit Bay Brewing Co.

After a lot of talk and a little research, my buddy Dan and I brewed our first batch of Pale Ale in February. We bottled it up last week, and it is currently aging in my basement. I have to admit that I cracked open a few bottles Saturday night, and was quite pleased with the outcome, nice hoppy aroma, and time will only improve it. Dan's got a Pilsner fermenting now, and I brewed up five-gallons of an Oktoberfest yesterday. Below are a few pics of the beer in the primary fermenter.

The wort (unfermented beer) just after I poured it in the glass carboy.

8 hours in the fermenter. The yeast has settled to the bottom and is really starting to go off.

30 hours in the fermenter. The airlock is bubbling once every second, which means the yeast is doing its thing.

Once the fermentation stops, I will transfer the beer to a secondary fermenter, and let things settle out a bit before bottling. Next up is a hoppy IPA, lots of Cascade hops if I can find them. I would also like to try a Stout or Porter before the warm weather arrives. We haven't settled on a name yet (all brewers need a name), but for now beer brewed in Dan's kitchen will have the Stonedog label, and I'm calling mine Waquoit Bay Brewing (named after the tidal bay near my house).

Listening to: The Clash- London Calling