Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hope in New Orleans

I had to shut the television off tonight, can't watch it anymore. It is beyond me what people are going through right now in the Gulf States. Unreal. I've read that power companies are not planning on repairing the damage, it's far too extensive. They're going to start over and redesign the entire power grid. As far as the violence and looting, all I can say is that yes, it sucks, I would hope for more unity and humanity, but most of the people involved are just trying to survive. Who's to say what you would do in a similar situation? The people of New Orleans will be remembered not based on how they act now, in these panic sticken first few days, but how they act in the coming months as the city rebuilds. I found this picture on the New Orleans Times-Picayune website, taken in the Louisiana Superdome on Tuesday, it offers some hope to what seems like a hopeless situation. Thank god kids are so resilient. I am optimistic that New Orleans will recover.

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TripleJ said...

Great shot, great message.