Thursday, January 12, 2006


I haven't posted anything in quite some time, been busy with work, starting a new side project on the weekends, and spending time with the family. The holidays and the lazy downtime that comes with having almost two weeks off are over now. I will be trying to post more often in 2006.

A couple of things worth mentioning. If you haven't been to Henry Rollin's site in awhile, you should check it out. Henry has been busy adding an online journal (called Dispatches) to his site that he is posting to almost daily. He promises to post a list of some of his favorite authors and books, which I think will be cool to check out. He is also hitting the road again in February for some East Coast shows.

A funny thing happened at work today, I teach 5th grade and my partner and I came across the following typo from one of our students:

Question on test: Name one way the European explorers exploited the native people?
Answer: The explorers would often make the Native Americans ass slaves.

Those little urchins crack me up from time to time. I should write a book with the shit they say.

I can only imagine what kind of anonymous blogger spam I am going to get with the words ass slaves in my post. I'm asking for trouble.

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that girl said...

LMAO! that is priceless!

CHW said...

Too funny. And thanks for the Hank link. I was hoping he'd start blogging more often.

Anonymous said...

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