Monday, August 14, 2006

Upcoming Shows

Summer is the busy season here, and although I am not working as much we seem to be always on the go. These days I definitely do not get the chance to see as much music as I would like. It's just as well, I'm not really into the big summer stadium shows that pass through Boston, but fall usually finds some of the smaller bands that I dig out on the road. Here are a few shows that I am going to try and catch in the upcoming months:

Campo Bravo - August 17 @ PA's Lounge (Somerville , MA)
Barn Burning (Acoustic Show) - August 22 @ Julian's (Providence, RI)
Jason Molina & MEC - September 15 @ The Middle East Club (Cambridge, MA)
Built To Spill - October 2 @ The Roxy (Boston)

I am also going to go see Bob Dylan on August 24, the last time I saw him in Boston I left a little disappointed. I am going with my two brother in-laws, who are huge Dylan fans. We'll see how it goes, he's playing in a minor league ballpark in Providence, so that should be cool.

Listening to: Sonic Youth- KCRW 10.06.04

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CHW said...

Yeah, Dylan is hit or miss. Hope he pulls through for ya.