Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Is the Home Stereo Dead?

Though I listen to and purchase much of my music in a digital format, it seems I am one of the few people who does not own an iPod. I’ve been tempted plenty, but I rarely drive to work anymore, and at home I either listen to music on my computer, or on my stereo. No real need for a mobile player, not yet at least. Seems like everyone I meet has one of those iPod docking stations in their homes. Doesn’t anyone listen to CD’s anymore? My home stereo is a quality Yamaha component system that I bought my final year in Oregon, and even though it takes up way too much space, I can’t give it up. I simply love my disc-changer, and am always in search of the perfect 5 CD combination to play on random. For you iPod users, think of it as the ultimate playlist that you could listen to over and over again. I have had the following 5 CD’s in rotation for the past three days, and no matter what time of day it is, they are the perfect background music. I really believe these tunes are aptly suited for doing chores around the house to hosting a chill dinner party.

Calexico- Feast of Wire
My Morning Jacket- It Still Moves
David Lindley & Hani Naser- Live in Tokyo
Calexico/Iron & Wine- In the Reins
Josh Rouse- Nashville

I was doing some painting this past weekend, and these tunes kept me going all afternoon, but they served me just as well while cooking dinner tonight.


Sean said...


I'm afraid it is dead.


CHW said...

Good question. I'd say it will be completely dead in five years. Everything will be run wirelessly from the computer. Personally, I haven't listened to many CDs since I got the iPod. Now I just carry around my entire collection from the living room to the car to the office...