Sunday, June 28, 2009

Treehouse:: Day 1

After what seemed like 4 days of nonstop rain, I was finally able to get started on the treehouse yesterday. I had dug the holes for the posts the day before, so today I was able to get the framing up and all the holes filled with concrete. Working alone posed some interesting challenges, especially when it came to lifting 12 foot long 2x6's overhead and attaching them to the 4x4 posts, all at the same time trying to keep everything square and level. I used lots of clamps and bracing to keep everything level, and Suzie's dad stopped by and helped out for a few hours. For now everything is screwed together, but once the concrete sets up, I am going to use bolts to tie all the framing together.

As you can see, the treehouse is not actually supported by a tree, rather the tree will pass through the deck, so all you treehouse purists out there may not consider this a true treehouse, but lack of a big enough tree forced me to use posts to support the structure. Not to mention simpler to build. The main floor of the treehouse will be almost 8 feet off the ground. The four posts that stick up above the frame will later become a hand rail for a small deck. Next up is installing the floor joists and laying down the decking.

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