Monday, January 10, 2011

So Long Juice, Hello Sawyer

I recently traded my Soma Fabrications Juice for one of Trek's new retro-inspired Sawyers. A bit of a downgrade in components I know, but the Juice never felt quite right to me. I wasn't digging the short top tube, and it was more bike than I needed for my intended purposes (camping bike/winter commuter/bar bike/kid chaser). The Sawyer is one cool bike, fun as hell to ride, and I like the fact you can run it as a single speed, or even with a belt drive (could be the perfect commuter?), thanks to the trick sliding rear dropouts. I swapped out the 2.25" tires for some small block 1.9" tires, and will probably upgrade the shifters and brakes at some point. Thinking about a small front rack, maybe.

Listening to: Lou Reed- "Out of the Underground"


Sean said...

Ooo, sexy. The only Trek I think I've ever been really taken by. Anticipating some good ride reports.

JMH said...

Sean- The Sawyer sort of reminds me of a cheaper, mass-produced Coconino. Sort of. Not as cool though. That Steve Garro makes some damn fine frames. Someday.

Sean said...

Ditto on the Garro, first thing I thought of too.