Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8 Live

I plan on checking out some of the Live 8 Live music later today, though I don't think these concerts will do a damn bit of good at the G8 Summit next week. Do you really think those involved in the summit are paying attention to what Bono is saying about African debt? I'm sure U2's record sales will skyrocket next week though. I wish there were some more African musicians on the bill, especially since the shows are supposed to be highlighting what is going on in Africa. I would have liked to have seen Ali Farka Toure or Burning Spear added to the lineup. With that said, I am excited to check out Neil Young and Coldplay's sets.

Listening to: Ernest Ranglin- Below the Bassline


CHW said...

I read in the paper today a great commentary on how bad MTV fucked up their coverage. You probably witnessed it, but they would show the cheesy pop shit and when someone actually good came on they would cut away to some bimbo announcer. Too much talk not enough rock. Not to mention they have multiple channels (VH1, MTV2, etc) where they could have run live feeds from other locales, but of course they didn't. I seriously think we should look into capital ventures and have someone invest in us to put together a fucking killer music channel. And not just videos, but awesome biographies, classic concerts, etc. We'd kick ass.

JMH said...

Yeah, the coverage by MTV was criminal, very sloppy. You could hear the concert going on in the background but they had some cheesy announcer talking about how they were "making history". Well let me see some of it then. And don't even get me started about the fact that they only showed music from London and Philly, other than 30 second clips from the other locales. I was hoping to catch The Hip and Neil Young, but no chance. It had potential, but MTV fucked it up.