Wednesday, July 27, 2005

From the Ashes

There is a house that I drive by every day on my way to work that is being restored after a fire spread through it last winter. The owners obviously had great insurance because the newly restored house looks way better than the original. This got me thinking, if all my stuff were to go up in smoke, what would I miss the most? As long as my family were okay, the answer would be not much. Other than some family pictures, I don't really own anything that couldn't be replaced by insurance. In fact, I wouldn't mind getting rid of some shit. Of all my material things, most can be put into one of four categories:
  1. Sporting Goods- bike, kayak, camping stuff, fishing pole, cross country skis, snowboard, surfboard, etc.
  2. Technology- CD's, computer, stereo, TV, camera, etc.
  3. Tools- Misc. power and hand tools
  4. Clothing and Furniture- pretty self explanatory I think
The hardest to replace would be my CD collection. Where would I start? Well, here are the first 10 CD's I would buy with that insurance check.
  1. Wilco- "Being There"
  2. John Scofield- "A Go Go"
  3. Built to Spill- "Ancient Melodies of the Future"
  4. Bob Dylan- "Desire"
  5. Los Lobos- "Colossal Head"
  6. Son Volt- "Trace"
  7. Brad Mehldau- "Art of the Trio 4 Back at the Vanguard"
  8. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros- "Streetcore"
  9. Miles Davis- "Workin' with the Miles Davis Quintet"
  10. Talking Heads- "Fear of Music"
Not an easy list to compile, given the constraints, and the fact that I would probably have to buy some clothes, since they were probably destroyed in the fire also. I would definitely have to add some Neil Young and Charlie Hunter ASAP, but they would have to wait. I have not listened to some of these albums in awhile, but these are the 10 that I don't think I could live without. They will get me through about anything.


CHW said...

Tuff list, amigo. I think I would rather go nude for a few months and add about 30 discs to the list.

JMH said...
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JMH said...

I may have to redo the list, I am feeling guilty this A.M. for not having any Neil Young on it. It's just too hard to limit it to 10.

princessmalin said...

ummm ... abba, old 97s, willie, at least one grateful dead song, just for starters. but clearly, the way to go is to burn mix-n-match cds -- all 10 of them. that way, you get the best of everything. also, as an aside: if my house burned down i would immediately have to purchase a great pair of PJs. cannot live without them. not sure what that says about me ...