Thursday, August 11, 2005

Go Sox!

Lastnight my friend Ed and I cheered on the Red Sox as they beat the Texas Rangers 16-5. I've lived in Massachusetts for six years now and this was my first time at Fenway, so I was excited to check out this historic park. After watching the Sox win the World Series last fall I was psyched to see them play on their home turf. We had great seats behind homeplate, thanks to my sister-in-law for hooking us up. I never would have shelled out the $75.00 for a ticket. Below are a few highlights of the night.
  1. Grabbing dinner at El Pelon Taqueria before the game. Best fish tacos I have ever tasted. Nice cabbage and cucumber salad. If there is one thing I've been missing on the East coast, it's good Mexican food. I'll be back. Cheap and tasty. Definitely beats the crap they sell outside the park.
  2. Great seats right behind homeplate. Couldn't have asked for better seats for my first game.
  3. Barbara Bush threw out the first pitch, and George Sr. caught it. When Sr. walked onto the field a few democrats behind us started booing him. At least George and Barbara were wearing Red Sox jerseys.
  4. Watching the two guys in front of us eat multiple Fenway Franks hotdogs, even more beers, and topping it off with some ice cream, all while wearing suits and ties in the 90 degree heat.
  5. Speaking of Fenway Franks, when you order a dog in Fenway Park, all they give you with it is mustard, you have to ask for ketchup. What is up with this? I've noticed folks in New England don't put ketchup on their hotdogs. Where I come from ketchup is standard. The first time my now father-in-law saw me put ketchup on a dog he looked at me like I was from another planet. He still refuses to put ketchup out when we go over to their house for a BBQ, even though he knows I like it. It must be a regional thing here in Massachusetts.
  6. I paid $6.75 for a beer, but I hear beer is even more expensive in other parks.
  7. The highlight of the night for me was watching Manny Ramirez knock one out of the park off of Texas' Kenny Rogers. I'm glad the Sox didn't trade Manny a few weeks back, I really like him and he is a backbone of the team. I must say that with what the Sox are paying him, he should stop whining and deal. If he wants more privacy for his family I would suggest that he move out of the Four Seasons and head to the 'burbs, it worked for Schilling.
  8. Driving home at midnight, it was a warm night, windows down, rocking out to Uncle Tupelo's "Still Feel Gone", great late-night driving album. I wish I had had the chance to see that band when they were together.
All in all it was a great night out sans kids, it has been a long time since I have had a night like that.

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CHW said...

Regarding Georgie and Babs, I always wondered who did the pitching and the catching in that relationship.