Monday, August 01, 2005

The Rio Statics?

During the intro. of "Grace, Too", on The Tragically Hip's album, "Live Between Us", Gordon Downie makes reference to the opening band, but I can't make out their name. The CD was recorded live in Detroit in 1996, so it may be a local Michigan band. I've tried The Hip's website and message boards, but no luck. Anyone know?


CHW said...

Yah, mon. It's the mighty Rheostatics -- another Canadian treasure. Crazy rock and roll, amigo. Check it. Also, the guitarist Dave Bidini wrote a great book called "Tropic of Hockey" about traveling the world and experiencing amateur hockey in various countries. Hilarious stuff.

JMH said...

I have always wanted to know what band he was talking about, if for no other reason then just to know what he was saying. Thanks for the tip, I'll check 'em out.

vertigo25 said...


Andy from iPod Nirvana, here.

I noticed traffic coming in from your site, so I thought I'd stop by and see what was going on. Thanks for the link :)

Great blog, too, BTW. And congrats on the birth of Evan. Hope your wife is recovering well, and that you guys are getting some good sleep (I'm a single dad of a 4 year old girl, myself... I remember the early sleepless nights...)

You've got great taste in music, and express yourself really well. Can't wait to hear some more of your views on music. It's obviously an important and personal part of your life. Glad you've hopped on the blogging bandwagon :) I'll definitely be subscribing.