Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Campers

I haven't slept in a tent since we backpacked in Montana back in 2001, but that changed this past weekend when we headed to Maine. We stayed outside of Freeport at the Recompence Campground with five other couples and our collective 12 kids. Those of you with children know that trying to camp with 12 kids, all under the age of 6, could be a recipe for complete disaster, but all of us were pleasantly surprised how well the kids did. There were a few melt downs, but the great thing about our group of friends is that our kids see each other often and we all have similar parenting styles, so it is easy to manage. Now this was hardly roughing it by any means, it was strictly car camping, but with so many little ones it was perfect. The campground was very family friendly; big field for the kids to run around in, walking distance to a farm, and ocean views. We spent a morning at the farm, checking out the baby lambs and chickens, then spent the afternoon exploring the tide pools and swimming in Casco Bay. After the kids crashed we hung around the campfire and enjoyed the stars. I haven't seen stars like that in a long, long time. It was great to hang with so many friends and their families. Next year we will definitely bring the bikes and there is talk of staying a few more nights.

Listening to: The Flaming Lips- The Soft Bulletin

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CHW said...

Well done! I congratulate you on taking the kids. What a feat. :)