Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Kids Are Alright

I work with ten and eleven year-old kids all day, and lately I have become very concerned about how pop-culture is affecting them. There seems to be so much crap being fed to kids today. High School Musical, Hannah Montana, and the Soulja Boy dance seem to be the only things on a ten year-old's radar these days. What will my kids be into when they are in 5th grade? It's scary to think about. Who knows, but today my five year-old daughter gave me hope. This is a transcript of an actual conversation that happened on the way home yesterday:

Me: "What do you want to listen to?"
Kid: "I want to listen to that band you like, you know, Spoon."
Me: "Cool, okay, let me find it on my iPod."
Kid: "I want to hear that song, The Underdog."

3 minutes and 42 seconds go by. We are both bopping our heads and singing along.

Kid: "I really like the horns and clapping. Play it again."

Repeat 3 times.

There is hope for our future yet.

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CHW said...

Love it. Great story. Thankfully, Nate is the same way.