Saturday, February 23, 2008


Someone recently asked me why I blogged. Fair enough question. I thought about it for a few moments and gave them the standard answer- it is a fun way to keep in contact with a few far-off friends who also blog, and a way to share ideas with people who may be like minded or share similar interests. The truth is, who doesn't like to see their words in print? It is all self-serving really, no? I think that bloggers blog because we have something we want to share and we like to see how others react to what we have to say. That's not so bad really, in today's world we often live in a bubble, and the net is a way for people to connect to the rest of the world. When I was in college I was enrolled in a creative writing class and one of my classmates and I started a "zine". Remember those? It was nothing more than a collection of artwork, short stories, and poems written by those of us in the class. We typed them up on a word processor, made copies, and "published" them in a small twenty-page magazine. I say published because I think we printed something like fifty copies in my friend's basement and handed them out to friends, nobody beyond our small circle of friends ever read them. I see blogs as the 21st century version of the "zine", the difference being that blogs have the potential of reaching a much larger audience. When I started this blog three years ago I didn't have a goal, and not much has changed. The blogs I tend to check daily are way more defined than mine; blogs about music, bicycles, travel, parenting, and brewing beer. Others are simple time wasters. Not sure where mine fits in. Sometimes I wish I was more focused, maybe then more than four people would actually read what I have to say. I sometimes think about giving it up, I could be using the time I spend on the computer more productively; spending time with my wife, reading, playing music, building something, riding my bike, but I really like the idea of putting my thoughts out there for others to read, even if it is only a handful of folks. So why do you blog?

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Sean said...

It's a good question, and I don't really have an answer. I started with a reason that no longer works for me. I think it's turned into a decent way to remember the minutia of my 30s(let's just see if I can keep it up for another 8.5 years).

Rambling Canuck said...

For me it's part what you say about trading ideas, staying in touch and looking for reactions, but I also do it to keep my brain active. Not that I'm an old fart, but I would way rather spend my time keeping my brain active and formulating thoughts than being sedentary on a couch, numbing my mind with TV.

JMH said...


I agree, but I find that I don't read as much as I used to, or would like to. Sometimes I don't see the difference between time spent on the computer and watching TV. Depends what your watching (and doing online) I suppose. I just need to find a balance. Time is precious, and I need to read more.